08/29How will the war in Ukraine end and what does it mean for business in the short and long term?
06/05Denmark's Constitution Day Celebration - Summer Party
04/24info DCC 2023
03/24DCCL Annual General Meeting
03/13SIA "AZ Elements" joins the DCCL
03/01Phytopresso SIA joins the DCCL
02/15KJELD JENSEN - New Individual Member
02/15Silvex SIA joins the DCCL
02/01Andis Šadurskis joins the DCCL
02/01Nordic Baltic Business Forum "Strengthening Resilience & Bolstering Crisis Preparedness in the Nordic-Baltic Region”
01/18AE Partner has joined the DCCL
12/08Gløgg og æbleskiver på vandet!
11/11Danish Mortensaften Celebration
10/13Visit Danish Businesses in Liepāja!
09/21Nordic Days in Cēsis!
09/13"Recession and Stagflation? Latvia's Economy in 2023" by Morten Hansen
06/05Denmark's Constitution Day Celebration - Summer Party
05/12NBBF ”Sustainability and Innovation in the Real Estate & Construction Industries”
05/03"Security Situation in the Baltic Countries from a Military Perspective"
03/25Jens Thorup continues to Chair the DCCL
03/24Annual General Meeting of the DCCL
03/17Fund Raising Screening of the Award Winning Film “My Favorite War”
01/19Key Latvian tax changes as of 2022
12/08Exhibition opening "Voices of Violence"
11/29"Baltic Candles" - honored as the “Entrepreneur of the Year in Zemgale 2021” (medium/large business)
11/10Danish Mortensaften Dinner
08/25Ties Through Time: Denmark-Latvia
04/29Online Discussion “Improving the Health of Latvia’s Health System" with Daniels Pavļuts, Minister of Health
04/20DCCL Annual General Meeting
04/16Webinar "Real Estate Market in the Baltics - a Crisis or an Opportunity caused by Pandemic?"
03/24Nordic Approach to the European Green Deal
03/24Nordic Approach to the European Green Deal
12/22Safe Christmas and a Happy New Year!
11/09Traditional Danish Mortensaften
11/02Due to the Covid-19 situation in Latvia there are no any upcoming social events in 2020.
09/29DCCL Annual General Meeting
09/24Nordic Days in Rēzekne, September 24-25
06/10Nordic Go-Kart Championship 2020
06/05Danish Constitution Day - June 5
04/28Capturing Emerging Opportunities in the Post-Crisis Period by Rožkalns, Director of LIAA
03/04The Wind of Change: "Economic and Financial Outlook" by Martins Kazaks, Governor of the Bank of Latvia
02/25"BREXIT and the Economic Implications for Latvia" by Morten Hansen
01/28Seminar "Tax Update" by KPMG Baltics AS
01/15FICIL Sentiment Index 2019 presentation
12/13"Feel of the Danish Style Xmas" - gløgg og æbleskiver
11/08Traditional Danish Mortensaften
10/03Nordic Days in Jelgava - "Biomass. Energy. Transport"
09/23Welcome Meeting with the Danish Ambassador Flemming Stender
09/18Joint Chamber Business Luncheon with the Prime Minister of Latvia, Mr. Krišjānis Kariņš
09/10Circular Economy in the Nordic-Baltic Region: How far have we come?
06/12Nordic Go-Kart Championship 2019
06/05Danish Constitution Day Reception
05/13The Contribution of Danish volunteer soldiers 1919 - lessons learned from history
04/09"Latvia's Economy in 2019: - where problems are a) few, b) home-grown, c) mostly avoidable" by Morten Hansen
03/27Nordic Leadership - Is It So Special?
03/12Annual General Meeting of the DCCL
03/06A Business Luncheon with Janis Bordans, Minister of Justice
02/25"Danish and Baltic Military Cooperation" by Colonel N.H. Johansen, Danish Defense Attaché to the Baltics!
02/23Danske Bank closes down its banking activities in the Baltics
12/18Dansk gløgg og æbleskiver - get the taste of Danish Christmas feeling!
11/27Learn about LIAA's Support for Business
11/09Traditional Danish Mortensaften Dinner
10/04Nordic Baltic Business Forum 2018
09/275G Techritory Forum in Riga
09/20Pre-Election Debate at a Joint Chamber Dinner
08/17Danish Barbeque Evening
06/26A Seminar on "GDPR - How does it affect Your Company" - by KPMG Baltics
06/14EAST BEND Company SIA in Latvia changes its name to HAUGAARD Baltic SIA
06/12Nordic Go-Kart Championship 2018
06/05Denmark´s Constitution Day Reception at the Ambassador´s Residence
05/22Visit to "LSC Shipmanagement" SIA
04/27Visit to "Madara Cosmetics" Factory
04/10"Around the Latvian Economy in 80 Slides" by Morten Hansen
03/14Annual General Meeting of the DCCL
02/27Announcement from the Foreign Investors' Council in Latvia
02/21Dinner Meeting with Maris Kucinskis, Prime Minister of Latvia
02/11Fastelavn - Danish Costume Party for Children
01/11Seminar "News in Latvian Tax System 2018" by KPMG Baltics SIA
12/06Danish Gløgg and æbleskiver at Valdemars Hotel
11/10Traditional Danish Mortensaften Dinner
10/17Visit the Fish Factory "KH Select"
10/06Nordic Baltic Business Forum 2017
10/05DK Defence in the Perspective of the Security Politics of the Baltics
06/14Nordic Go-Kart Championship 2017
06/05Danish Constitution Day
05/31Nordic Day
05/26High Council Meeting of the FICIL
05/10Cancelled - seminar Local Election 2017 - How It Works and What to Expect
03/02DCCL Annual General Meeting
02/26Fastelavn 2017
01/31Amendments to the Tax Laws 2017: KPMG Baltics SIA
11/11Traditional Danish Mortensaften
11/02Nordic - Baltic Business Forum 2016
09/28Latvian Real Estate Market - Risks and Opportunities by LATIO
08/2425th Anniversary Reception in honor to Diplomatic Relations of Denmark - Latvia
06/08Nordic Go-Kart Championship 2016
05/31Joint Nordic Celebration & Concert
05/26FICIL's 20th High Council Meeting
04/21Opening of the Photo Exhibition “Monumental Motion”
04/20Joint Chamber Dinner with Mr Maris Kucinskis, the Prime Minister
04/04Meeting at the DK Embassy about Defence and Security Issues
03/10Annual General Meeting
02/07Fastelavn - Danish Costume Party for Children!
01/21Amendments to the Tax Laws 2016 - presented by Experts of the KPMG Baltics
12/10My!Europe - Conference: “Migration – Refugees and Labor”
11/13Investment Climate in Latvia: Perspective of Foreign Investors - Presentation of the FICIL Sentiment Index 2015
11/10Nordic Baltic Business Forum 2015
11/06Traditional Danish Mortensaften
10/28LIAA Global Investment Forum in Rezekne
10/08Curling Masterclass, Mini Tournament and Networking - postponed to January/February, 2016
09/22Meeting with Hans Brask, Ambassador of Denmark to Latvia
06/114th Nordic Go-Kart Championship
06/05Danmark's Constitution Day Reception
05/26Joint Chamber Panel Debat - Latvia Selects Next President
03/25Mogens Jensen, DK Minister for Trade and Development visits Riga
03/03DCCL Annual General Meeting
02/15Fastelavn - Danish Costume Party for Children
01/15Seminar "Recent and Upcoming Amendments to the Tax Laws as of 2015"
12/06Dansk Julefrokost til alle danskere i Letland
11/07Danish Traditional Mortensaften
11/04Nordic Baltic Business Forum 2014
10/23Nordic Bowling Tournament
10/01A Concert of Nordic Tones
09/23Company visit to the Salmon Fish Concern "KH Select"
09/05Danish Chambers of Commerce Network in the Baltics
08/26Economic Outlook by Nordea Bank
06/113rd Nordic Go-Kart Championship
06/05Danmark's Constitution Day Reception
04/09Visit to the Chocolate Museum of Factory "Laima"
03/27DCCL Annual General Meeting
03/02Fastelavn - Party for Children!
02/06EU Funds for Businesses - Andris Ozols, LIAA
01/28Business Lunch with Valdis Dombrovskis
01/16Seminar "Recent and Upcoming Amendments to the Tax Laws as of 2014"
01/152014 Changes in the Corporate and Individual Income Tax Law and the VAT Law
12/07Dansk Julefrokost
11/13Lars Christensen, Danske Bank in Riga
11/08Traditional Danish Mortensaften
10/17Nordic Bowling Tournament 2013
09/05Davis Golf Style Academy
08/28Nordea Bank Business After Hours
06/14Invitation to the Grill Party - Members only!
06/14Nordic Go-Kart Championship in Latvia
05/31Danish National Day
05/30FICIL High Council Meeting in Riga
05/28A Welcome Reception of the 15th Baltic Development Forum
05/07Exhibition in Honour to Soren Kierkegaard's 200th Anniversary
04/04Seminar "The Importance of the Nordic Languages in Latvia and Baltic Region"
03/14DCCL Annual General Meeting
02/25Seminar "Digital Marketing. Trends and Tools"
02/16Fastelavn - Party for Children
01/24DNB Business After Hours
01/22News of the Latvian Tax System
11/09Traditional Danish Mortensaften
11/06Joint Chambers Business After Hours at Nordea Bank
10/18Nordic Bowling Tournament 2012
10/04Latvian Macro Situation and Outlook 2012-2014
09/13A Lecture "Assessment of Latvia's Internal Devaluation: Successeful? Lessons for other Countries?
08/27Meeting with Villy Søvndahl, the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs
08/18Joint Chambers' Golf Tournament
08/17Nordic Go-Kart Championship
06/05Denmark's Constitution Day
05/25Company visits in Dobele
03/29Company visit to "Fariga Seafood"
03/23Danish Film Festival
03/15Business After Hours at the DNB Bank
03/13DCCL Annual General Meeting
01/29A concert to honour the Danish EU Presidency
01/17Changes in the Latvian Tax System as of 2012
01/06Concert - Nielsen Shostakovich String quartet "ViVioCe"
12/03Ægte Dansk Julefrokost for alle Danskere i Letland!
11/24Transfer Pricing (documentation): Latvia in an EU Perspective - Quo Vadis?
11/11Traditional Danish Mortensaften
10/20Nordic Bowling Tournament
10/14Scandinavian Symphonic Music Concert lead by Frans Rasmussen
10/11Business culture development and sound lending as parto of it by SEB
09/22„Practical Guidance on Avoidance of Headache When Employing in Latvia”
08/31A Seminar "Boost your sales with 5 simple steps. Understanding your possibilities and making the most of them" by Regus
06/03Denmark's Constitution Day / Summer Party
06/01Opening of Regus Business Center
05/22Nordea Riga Marathon 2011
05/19FICIL High Council Meetings
05/05Conference "Green Growth in the Baltic Sea Region"
04/15Danish Film Days 2011
04/05Seminar "How Insurance can Minimize Your Business Risks? by ERGO
03/24DCCL Annual General Meeting
03/10Expatriate Tax Planning 2011 in the Baltics
03/06FASTELAVN Party for Children!
02/22Economic Outlook by Lars Christensen, Danske Bank
01/25Seminar "Recent and Upcoming Amendments to the Tax Laws"
11/25“VAT refunds - problems and solutions in Latvia”
11/06Danish St. Martins Evening
10/28Cancelled - „Mediation – a win-win conflict resolution!” by Hans Boserup
10/14Nordic Bowling Tournament
10/14Scandinavian Cuisine Week at the restaurant "La Boheme"
10/07Business Environment and Banking Sector Outlook in Latvia Presented by Nordea
09/21A Discussion on Saeima Elections with Maris Zanders!
08/27Visit to Saeima Building
06/08Visit to Aldaris Brewery
06/05Summer Party / Denmark's Constitution Day
05/27FICIL 14th High Council Reception
05/23Nordea Riga Marathon - May 23!
05/15CO2 E-Race Riga - A Parade of Environmentally Friendly Cars
05/132 Days Business Trip to Liepaja
05/06Seminar „EU Structural Funds Support for Enterprises"
03/23DCCL Annual General Meeting
03/23Informal Discussion "Doing Business in the Baltics"
03/16Riga Commercial Real Estate Market Overview 2010
03/04Seminar "Expatriate Tax Planning"
02/16Seminar "Effective Debt Enforcement" - changed date!
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